Gnome Homes

Custom Teardrop Travel Trailers

Welcome to Gnome Homes! We love making teardrop trailers and we hope you love the teardrops we make. We customize each Gnome Home with the options that you want for your next adventure, and adventures for a lifetime.

Take a look at our models and check out why we build them like we do. Let us know how we can help you have more fun.

Teardrop Trailer Models

  • Gnome Homes MetroGnome

    MetroGnome is our flagship adventure vehicle with hitch storage, premium off-the-grid power system, and color-matched fenders. Whatever options you choose, MetroGnome is designed to let you get out on your adventure in minutes while providing years of worry free fun.

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  • Gnome Homes Stream model

    Affordability meets luxury in the adventure vehicle we call the Stream. Another in the line of premium Gnome Homes vehicles that make it easy to get-up-and-go. Whether it is an overnight getaway or a cross Canada trip, the Stream is always ready to get you there.

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  • Storm

    Introducing the Gnome Homes teardrop with a little more altitude and attitude – the Storm. Fully loaded, the Storm has 16″ of clearance under the frame. Enough room to get you out and about off the beaten track. This is the teardrop Gnome Home for adventurers who want to go further than before. The 15″… Read more »

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  • Photon

    Photon is the lightest of our rolling homes, while still offering all the quality, excitement, and promise of adventure as the larger vehicles. At less than 1000 lbs, Photon has the same safety standards, cool vintage accents, and “green” LED lighting as in other Gnome Homes. Our adventurers want the freedom to hook up and go, without the worry and work of setup and maintenance.

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