A Good Teardrop Time in Calgary OAS 2017

It was great to see so many keen folks at the Outdoor Adventure Show in Calgary. Some of the people at the show had their own teardrop trailers, and many others had larger travel trailers. We heard some interesting stories on camping and traveling. It was a great time with good people. Thank you, Calgary, for the lovely reception.

Shiny Gnome Home Photon model

Happy Gnome Homes guest at Outdoor Adventure Calgary

There were literally hundreds of written comments on our Gnome Homes. (We’re still sorting them out!) Many of the comments included the quality of the woodwork, the attention to detail – particularly around safety – and the cool extras that tie Gnome Homes to the original teardrop era. Of course, it is all about the fun. Ultimately we just want people to have a good trip to somewhere nice. It is great to get so many compliments with the words “cool” and “fun” in them. We are profoundly grateful to all of those that took the time to stop by and write us a note. We will post as many of the comments as we can.

Gnome Homs with many admirers

Lots of people at Outdoor Adventure Calgary

There are many knowledgeable adventurers in Calgary, and we had some very good discussions. As in Vancouver we had a lot of questions on power and solar panels. Terry asked some questions about torsion axles and why we use them. I promised I would post the information on our Gnews page so he could refer back to it. Look for the article soon. We also had a discussion on implement tires from our shared past (i.e. farm boys). I’ll post tire information in the same article.

Supermodel Jennifer posing with Photon

Jennifer – a big fan

We thank our Calgary families Neil, Jenn (pictured above) & Kelly for the support. Thanks to Russ for the good work by the OAS team, GES, and, as always, the Calgary Stampede team who know how to run an event.