Teardrop Trailer Models

  • MetroGnome

    Gnome Homes MetroGnome

    Combining vintage teardrop and modern amenities, MetroGnome is ready to take you on an adventure in style. The 1932 vintage lights and color matched fenders ensure that your trailer is as cool as your ride. Hardwood cabinetry in the galley is warm and luxurious. We’ve included 120V AC power for super convenience, a thick foam RV Queen mattress (soy based foam), and a deluxe fan to keep the air inside just right. Adventure in style and comfort.

    We also want your adventures to be safe. Like all Gnome Homes, the MetroGnome frame is galvanized, welded steel dramatically increasing the life of the vehicle. The frame rests on torsion axles for a smoother ride, while also offering more stability and greater safety. The sleek aluminum exterior is attractive as well as functional. Rounded out with full size 14″ trailer tires on stylish aluminum rims, the MetroGnome will travel well on highways as well as on hidden trails. We’ve taken care of the important details so you don’t have to.

    At $14,900 MetroGnome is quite affordable, and there are still great add-on options. The galley, cabin and power options are all customizable to make your vehicle your own. Your vehicle will be custom made with all of the options you want built in from the start. You get to spend time to pick and choose where to go, not whether your vehicle is going to make it there. Worry free adventure.

  • Stream

    Gnome Homes Stream model

    Looking for a teardrop that has the roominess of the MetroGnome and the affordability of the Photon? Stream is your answer. This beautiful teardrop trailer comes in a 5′ x 8′ format so there is ample room for two. The pleasing cabinetry ensures that you have stylish home on the road at an affordable price. Stream starts at $12,300 and has options that allow you to make this teardrop your own.

    Stream includes the same key features as the rest of the fleet with welded, galvanized steel frame, torsion axles, and 14″ aluminum wheels to provide better safety and greater stability. A comfortable air control system with temperature and rain sensors enable that perfect sleep. We provide a 6″ RV Queen mattress in the insulated cabin. An option for 4” thick foam mattress provides savings and is still quite luxurious when compared to on-the-ground camping.

    As with all Gnome Homes, hook up and go on a moment’s notice. The luxurious bed is always ready and the well-appointed galley has a generous amount of space whether you are a gourmet chef or a s’mores lover. Live a little!

  • Storm

    Introducing the Gnome Homes teardrop with a little more altitude and attitude – the Storm.

    Fully loaded, the Storm has 16″ of clearance under the frame. Enough room to get you out and about off the beaten track. This is the teardrop Gnome Home for adventurers who want to go further than before. The 15″ beefy tires will go almost anywhere and will do a great job of keeping your Gnome Home on the track. Great on the highway and on the trail, these tires are a perfect compliment to the independent torsion suspension.

    Storm features square checker plate fenders for robust defense against rocks and small trees. We’ve also clad the front with checker plate for a 20″ tall rock guard. Not only is the checker plate a great deterrent to denting, it looks cool as well. In keeping with the Gnome Homes tradition, the Storm offers great comfort and safety, while keeping that great styling and premium features.

    The Storm is available with very basic creature comforts or can be loaded with the Gnome Homes options available on MetroGnome, Stream and Photon. The Storm is here.

    Live a little!

  • Photon

    At Gnome Homes we remember our teardrop trailer roots. Photon is our most affordable Gnome Home with all the basic necessities of outdoor adventure. Since the Photon is only 4 feet wide, it is a great option for any adventurer looking for off-the-ground sleeping and cooking. The open style galley offers room for custom options and add-on enhancements, including beautiful hardwood cabinetry.

    The combination of lightweight and robust design will provide safe adventuring for many, many years. Of course, the Photon has a welded, galvanized steel frame for double or triple vehicle life. 14″ aluminum wheels provide better safety and greater stability. The insulated cabin with 4” thick foam mattress is quite luxurious when compared to on-the-ground camping.

    For $9900 explorers can step into adventure with a basic Photon. The ability to customize this small adventure vehicle provides you the opportunity to make one your very own. Custom built the way you want it. Whatever options you choose, the Photon will offer adventure in minutes. Hook up and go on a moment’s notice, and just as easy to set up when you get there.