MetroGnome with Storm package

We’re very excited about the Storm option on the MetroGnome model. The Storm option package is available for immediate order and delivery. The first thing you might notice is the square checker plate fenders. Storm accents allow adventurers to head out on gravel roads as well as off-road camping. The sturdy checker plate fenders are much less sensitive to rocks and small trees than painted steel fenders.

Gnome Homes Storm

The Storm package offers a couple of inches more clearance for those rougher roads as well as 15″ knobby tires to keep the Gnome Home on the track. With the Storm package, the MetroGnome looks like the Storm model from behind. In front, you still get the famous MetroGnome hitch box, and now with cool hard-wearing checker plate.

Gnome Homes Storm

The MetroGnome looks great with the new Storm accents. The accents go very well with Gnome Homes styling and the luxurious galley. MetroGnome remains a cut above.

Gnome Homes will have the official launch of the Storm on November 15th. There will be time to secure 2017 prices.

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